Preventing Bullying Together

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is an internationally recognized, research based program that develops student social skills and builds safer, friendlier schools. It is working for thousands of schools around the world and in some schools in Canada. We believe it can make a substantial difference in the lives of students, educators, parents and other key stakeholders.

Bullying is Preventable

We need to develop strategic, sustainable longer term programs to address and prevent bullying in its social context. If we don’t have a plan or know where we are heading – then any rambling road will get us somewhere, sometime! This isn’t good enough for children and youth ... or indeed those who work with children and youth in our schools! Making schools safer and friendlier is not easy ... but it’s not impossible. More

Holistic Approach

We need programs that focus on the whole school. This includes: policy & practice, ethos, physical/social environment, student engagement, stakeholder involvement and behaviour management. We need to re-culture rather than restructure our schools. More

Accredited Training

We need to record and measure what we do to ensure that our efforts are achieving positive results. Kids-Can is pleased to be a Canadian distributor of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. We invite you to join other progressive schools taking advantage of this award winning program that provides educators with the tools necessary to make school environments safer and friendlier. More